Milestone supports more then 10.000 device drivers.

Unfortunately your camera won't appear in the list.

If your were waiting for your camera to list in the latest Device Pack, you may notice that it may take upto 6 months to be listed and that your device may dissappear in the next Device Pack.

Device Pack may differ from Corporate, Proffessional or Express.

Not all camera manufacturers appreciate the cooperation with Milestone.

Milestone used to have a complete device pack for Axis cameras. Axis camera where found and setup easy.

Since Axis changed their camera platfom, Milestone doens't have drivers for each model.

Our Axis Q1615 Mk2 is a high end model with no named driver.

If you search for 'AXIS' in the Device Library, Milestone struggle's in finding the best driver.

AXIS Q1615 MK2 as 8-Channel Device

Milestone selects the AXIS 8-Channel Device as if our camera was en encoder.

Milestone DeviceDriver 8 EightChannelDevice

Keep your installation
neat & clean.

Disable 7 cameras.

Leave one




In Axis Q1615 Mk2 make an ONVIF Media Profile first, then allow Milestone to find the camera as an ONVIF driver.



In the end, it is not imported to be listed in the Device Library with model name.

You can find a compatibilty through the ONVIF or PSIA driver.

Special features of your camera are not supported.

You will miss controls for Auto Back Focus, Motorized Lens, Mirror and Flip.