Can we use Port 1554 on Samsung SRD-852D ?

No ! Use 4520.


Samsungs' Standard RTSP ports are : 554, 555, 556, 557. The standard Web Port : 80


The ISP (internet service providers) Belgacom and Telenet blocks all applications that use thes port numbers.
Therefore you need to change these ports in de DVR. Port values should be above 1024.


As our DVR has IP-address, we liked our Ports set to 1554 through 1557.
This is just a habit that worked fine in the past on the previous SH
R-5 models.

Howver it doesn't work on the SRD-8 models.

With firmware version V1.11 the Standard RTSP ports are : 4520, 4521, 4522, 4523, 4524

Do not change this to 1554 through 1557.
Choose port 1554 and you also need port 1555 for streaming video.
Port 1555 does not work on SRD-8-models with firmware V1.11.

Use a Port-check tool and you will notice that Port 1555 doesn’t open.
It must be a bug

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