How to connect devices with Interconnect through a firewall

The Interconnect device shows "Connection Broken Error". The Interconnect hardware is connected but the device shows connection broken error. No video feed. The Recording Server where the device is located is behind a firewall. In the Recording Server's DeviceHandling.log (C:\ProgramData\Milestone\XProtect Recording Server\Logs\DeviceHandling.log) of the parent server, a WARNING entry shows the error: "WARNING — Device communication error (ICPUnableToConnectException). Error: Unable to connect."

03-09-2019How To
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The Recording Server where the device is connected is behind a firewall. In order to access the device through a firewall using Interconnect, you must create a firewall exception. To do so:

1)  Open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security (%windir%\system32\WF.msc).
2)  Create a New Inbound Rule (left-click on Inbound Rule).
3)  Select "Port" as type of rule
4)  Select "UDP" to apply the rule and Specific local ports: "443"

Specific Type and port

5)  Select Allow the connection.
6)  Select the appropriate connection type where the rule will apply.
7)  Specify a name for the rule: "Milestone Interconnect - UDP Port 443". 
8)  The device should be connected now.

Note: Connection type must be the one that the Recording Servers use to establish the link.

The rule must look like this. 



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