The AXIS Q1615 Mk2 has an Auto Back Focus function.

This function is accessible through the web interface by unfolding the SETTINGS, first TAB Image.

Most IP cameras have an Center Backfocus button.

Put the Backfocus in center position before adjusting the lens.

With Axis Q1615 MK2 : press the Autofocus button the backfocus goes to center position

AXIS Q1615 1 AFCenter



Press Autofocus

  AXIS Q1615 2 AFBefore

AXIS Q1615 2 AFAdjusting


AXIS Q1615 3 AFFinished

Polished or wet concrete is not a good surface to focus on. Turn the camera to the side way and focus on flowers instead


AXIS Q1615 5 Concrete

AXIS Q1615 4 Flowers